We post all reviews we come across on the web (let us know if we are missing any):


A recent review caught my attention:


The author of the review makes the following statement:

With all of that said, I have simple advice to the readers.  Follow the broad outlines of what the book teaches, but don’t follow it in detail.  It is good to own companies that are sound, cheap, and improving.

This claim comes after the following statement:

But here’s the problem.  Like the book What Works on Wall Street, Quantitative Value suffers from over-optimization.

I agree with the sentiment of the reviewer’s comments–simple is better and over-optimization is dangerous. However, I think we are very deliberate in how we address issues of overoptimization. Plus, the author of the review is vague with the criticisms and provides no data or evidence supporting his claim.

Overall, a great review and some fair criticisms.

Have you found any reviews on the web for Quantitative Value?

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