We’ve been buried in ETF operations the past 6 months, but we are finally getting around to launching out new set of tools.

Most of the time has been spent on the back-end of the tool website so the content is limited to what we used to have on the old Turnkey Analyst website, plus a few things here and there.

Stay tuned for a lot more content.

To access the site click on the link:

Once you login you’ll see the following:

The primary tools are under “financial tools:”

Allocation Architect

IVY 5 backtesting tool and DIY tactical asset allocation model outputs.

IVY 5 Backtesting Device

And if you scroll a bit further down on the Allocation Architect page you’ll see the DIY tactical asset allocation modules.

DIY Allocation Weights

Systematic Value Tools

Under this tab we provide monthly updates for stocks that our Quantitative Value Screens and that pass the Graham Quantitative Value Screens

We’ve got a lot more ideas planned, but we’ve finally got the back-end technology in place. Adding front-end tools and content will move at a much more rapid pace from here on out.

Go ahead and bang on our basic tool and let us know if you find any bugs 

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