Quant Blogs Check Out List

Last week, we shared bunch lists of Quant Blogs from TheWholeStreet.com (Click here).

The full list contains over 100 blogs, which can boggle the mind. Some of these blogs are no longer active. Thus, we refined the list and labeled them into different categories:

Quantitative Research:

 Systematic trading strategies with Coding, Modeling, and Automatic Trading:

  • Alpha Hive — Application of R to topics in Finance & Economics; experiments, asset Pricing, data Mining, foreign exchange and event study;
  • DTR Trading — A blog about building an automated options trading system, built around my options back testing engine (using Java, Spring, MySQL, JMS, …)
  • Eran Raviv — R coding, Applied statistics and econometrics;
  • Exegetic Analytics —  Data analysis, visualization, modeling, prediction and simulation;
  • Quant Start — Very systematic educational materials about quantitative investing;
  • QuantStrat TraderR — Very active blog about R coding and trading;
  • Qusma — Another coding guru writing posts about Matlab, R, C++ and so on, with fabulous graphs;
  • R Trader — Discuss the use of R in the context of  systematic investment strategies;
  • Timely Portfolio — R coding in trading;
  • Tom Starke — Algorithmic trading;
  • GekkoQuant — R-based quant blogger;

 Day-to-day financial data and statistics:

 Misc Research and Ideas:

  • Don’t fear the bear — Mike is a young professional investing/trading and outdoors;
  • Dynamic Hedge — DynamicHedge is an equities, futures and derivatives trader who focused on arbitrage strategies;
  • Jay on the Markets — The home of “Kaeppel’s Corner”;
  • Jonathan Kinlay — Dr Jonathan Kinlay is the Head of Quantitative Trading at Systematic Strategies, LLC;
  • Macroption — Petr Houstecky consider himself more of an analyst than a trader;
  • NAS Trading — A normal guy whose career has been spent trading his own account, but shares good opinions;
  • Quant at Risk — Pawel Lachowicz, PhD is a financial risk analyst, traveler, writer, photographer, and a motivational speaker;
  • RRSP Strategy — A Canadian investor who studies taxable accounts;
  • Stuart Reid — A young professional who is a quant at KPMG, his posts have nice charts and graphs;
  • Volatility Fighter — Alexander Kurguzkin is a stock market trader;

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