Alpha Architect 2 for 1 book deal — cheap summer reading!

/Alpha Architect 2 for 1 book deal — cheap summer reading!

Alpha Architect 2 for 1 book deal — cheap summer reading!

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We know a lot of you are out on vacation in August and probably having the time of your life (eg., see below).

vacation fun

But just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you should stop learning!

So ask yourself a few questions:

You like learning, right?


You like drinking a cold beer on vacation, right?

Yes. And. Yes.

We recommend you take a page from our resident research and ETF expert — Yang Xu:

 Drink a cold beer and read finance books, simultaneously!

Yang Xu on Vacation. Enjoying his copy of Quantitative Value and DIY Financial Advisor

Yang Xu on Vacation. Enjoying his copy of Quantitative Value and DIY Financial Advisor

We are offering a 2 for 1 book for the month of August. Buy Quantitative Value at $19.99 and we’ll throw in DIY Financial Advisor for free.

***Click Here to Sign up for the Deal ***

Side Note #1: We need you to sign up via email and confirm your email to get the deal code @ Amazon, not so we can spam you with things you don’t need, but so bots or resellers don’t spam us and ruin the deal for genuine readers/fans.

Side Note #2: Please leave suggested captions for the Yang Xu photo in the comments.

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About the Author:

Wes Gray
After serving as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Gray earned a PhD, and worked as a finance professor at Drexel University. Dr. Gray’s interest in bridging the research gap between academia and industry led him to found Alpha Architect, an asset management that delivers affordable active exposures for tax-sensitive investors. Dr. Gray has published four books and a number of academic articles. Wes is a regular contributor to multiple industry outlets, to include the following: Wall Street Journal, Forbes,, and the CFA Institute. Dr. Gray earned an MBA and a PhD in finance from the University of Chicago and graduated magna cum laude with a BS from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Steve

    “Crap, I thought this book was about how to pick the best, cheap beer!”

    “Should I open the book yet, or take another swig?”

    “Effing Wes didn’t invite ME to co-write…!”

    “Who needs a girlfriend on holiday when you’ve got all this?”

    “They send me off on vacation, but I have to sell HOW many books?”

    “This is the 25th copy I’ve bought from Amazon this month. Keeping this on the bestseller list is killing me!”

  • Eau de Javelina

    America… what a country.
    Chicks dig drunk quants.

  • heck yeah. !

  • nice!

  • Stingray

    Gray- I already own Quantitative Value, an enjoyed it greatly (FCF/EV is on of my favorite value metrics). Any chance the 2-for-1 deal can be modified? If I order Quantitative Momentum (which I plan to do), can I get a copy of DIY Financial Advisor? I know, so greedy….

  • Stingray

    ((Cash Flow from Operations – CapEx) / ((($/share)*Shares Outstanding)+(Preferred Equity)+(Debt)+(Minority Interest)-(Cash)) *100) + (H20 + CO2 + C2H6O)

  • Arek

    Hi Wes,

    I´m trying to order from to get the deal, but I am in Toronto (Canada) and I am getting an error that Alpha Architect does not ship here. Any workaround guys? I am willing to pay additional shipping to get these books, but not gonna pay the $60 Amazon wants for just one book. Please advise

    Thanks and great blog

  • Hi Arek,
    Unfortunately we are only shipping to the US. Amazon wants too much on shipping, which we’ve addressed with them, but they won’t fix the problem. Sorry about that.

  • Waterlover

    For the benefit of latecomers to this page… as of September 7th, the above advertised deal still works to the tune of about 85%* at Amazon… Thank you!

    *Quantitatively speaking that is. The “Quantitative Value” book is currently priced at $22.97 (from Alpha Architect), which is ~15% more than the $19.99 mentioned in the deal. BTW, the shipping cost charged for the two books was $7.98 i.e. the total was $30.95. Nevertheless, this is a bargain price for these 2 books. Now only if I can actually get my act together and start implementing the advice from such books! 🙂

    Hint: Make sure to select “Alpha Architect” as the seller (do this for both books) if you want to get this deal. The default seller is Amazon, so you need to click the “__ New from__” link for selecting the seller. Look for the Used & New buying options listed below the Hardcover format.

  • Chu chang min

    Saw this promotion late. I bought the momentum book and I am ordering the value book. Am I still able to get the DIY financial advisor book for free? Also, it would be better if there are complementary software that comes along with it to help us with more exploration. THanks