This weekend around 70 of us from the finance community (many from “finance twitter”) will be meeting at the National Guard Training Center in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania.

A picture from the course

Folks are flying and driving in from around the country to torture themselves on a 28-mile ruck march alongside active/reserve service members. This is arguably the first time — ever — that a quantitative finance summit was assembled in this fashion.

I’m humbled and honored to see so many people come and represent.
We’re sure to have an epic adventure, build camaraderie, and geek out on finance until our brains are fried…but this isn’t our real mission.

Our mission is to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Each member of the Alpha Architect March for the Fallen team will be wearing a dog tag during the March that is engraved with the name of a service member. For example, Chris Mendez will be marching for his cousin, David Mendez Ruiz, who died in Iraq in 2005.

Service Members We are Honoring on the March

David Mendez Ruiz 

NEOPAT discussion

Trevor Johnson

Mark Engel 

Merrit Edson

Nathan Krissoff

Almar Fitzgerald

Warren Frank

Max Galeai

Joshua Booth

Pat Tillman

Michale Cable 

Megan McClung

Donnell Hamilton 

Travis Manion 

Eric Jones 

Ralph Mena 

Florence Choe 

Doug Zembiec

Kyle Miliken 

William Owens 

Collin T. Thomas 

Robert Cox

Ryan Sorensen 

David Warsen 

Nicholas Checque 

Jason Workman 

Jon Tumilson 

Daniel Daly 

Michael Monsoor 

Jesse Melton

Michael Murphrey 

Bruce G. Johnson 

Shawna Morrison 

Tomas Garces 

Jon T. Hicks 

Carlos Gil Orozco 

Carl L. Anderson 

Hannah Gunterman 

Brian Arsenault 

Terry Vernadore 

Matt Mattingly 

Philip Windorski

Matthew Kelley 

Edwin Rivera 

Joseph McCloud 

Ron Winchester 

Nic Madrazo 

Stephen W. Booth

George Bannar

No pictures

William E. Reel

Philip Montoro

John C. Stock 

Norman L. Bundy 

Lawrence Peters

James M. Finley

Gary Leo Rehm

Nic Willis 

Walter Foulke 

Robert Barbee

Ben Larson

Father Judge 27

John H. Bliss

T. Basset Powell

Mike O’Malley 

Michael J. Holtz

Shaun M. Blue

Ernest Bowman

Sgt. Bowman

Johnathan Kirk 

Dale Peterson

James Watson 

Semper Fidelis,