May 1 marks the day when we begin our training for the 28-mile march (with 35lb+ attached) to honor the fallen.
Alpha Architect will be participating in the event for the 3rd year in a row.
March for the Fallen information and sign up page is now available. 1

For those  unaware, here are the basics of the event: 2

  • A bunch of finance nerds from around the country descend on Fort Indiantown Gap in PA.
  • You sleep in military barracks with strangers you’ve never met, but you’ll leave as best friends.
  • You hike 28 miles in one day over rugged terrain (35lb+ pack is optional)
  • Every mile you’re reminded of a fallen hero and appreciate the opportunity to live as a free people.
  • You spend most of your time talking finance, factors, and financial planning, as you trudge along the beautiful trail.
  • With five miles left, you talk mostly about how you hope your toenails don’t fall off.
  • Upon completion, you’ll swear you’ll never do the event ever again. 6 months later you’ll be signed up for the following year…

Click on the image below to learn more!


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  1. Official site is here.
  2. h.t. to Mike Lecours, 2017 March for the Fallen survivor, who inspired the title and content below