The American Finance Association Annual Meetings are here.(1) The conference is virtual this year but that doesn’t mean the organization hasn’t done a good job collecting the brightest minds in academia to discuss hundreds of new finance research papers — a gold mine for new and exciting ideas!(2)

There is so much research available it is a bit difficult to read it all — and many of the papers have still not been made available. Nonethless, I tried to highlight some of the work that was interesting to me. We encourage everyone to explore the research library on their own since you might enjoy different topics.

Here are the top 5 papers that were interesting(3) to me:

Also, I went through the PhD poster session, which is work conducted by a current PhD student (i.e., new researchers).

  • Decomposing Factor Momentum: There has been a lot of new research discussing the ability to tactically allocate across factors based on momentum.(4) This research goes deeper with a decomposition of the returns and finds that factor momentum probably works because it holds the factors that earn the highest premiums over the sample.

Enjoy all this academic finance research!

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