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Value Investing: Headwinds, Tailwinds, and Variables

By |May 20th, 2022|Factor Investing, Research Insights, Value Investing Research, Tactical Asset Allocation Research|

Investing is no different. A question we regularly get in the current environment is "How does inflation affect value stocks?" depends. I could show you some data on how value stocks did in the 70's (period of high inflation) versus how they did in the 90's (low inflation). But if WW3 broke out tomorrow, wouldn't that variable quickly top all other variables? Probably. So let's table that variable.

A Review of Ben Graham’s Famous Value Investing Strategy: “Net-Nets”

By |January 26th, 2021|Factor Investing, Research Insights, Academic Research Insight, Guest Posts, Value Investing Research|

Benjamin Graham, often considered a strong candidate for "the father of quantitative value investing", developed an investment strategy that involved purchasing securities for less than their “current-asset value”, “a rough index of the liquidating value”. [...]

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