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Our Story

We are Passionate about Quantitative Research and  Factor Investing

Quantitative Value

Value investing with an algorithm

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DIY Financial Advisor

Endowment investing made simple

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Quantitative Momentum

Momentum investing with an algorithm

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Our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs reinforce our mission: empower investors through education.



We want investors to understand our approach.

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We use systems to minimize human error and bias

Beat Bias



We seek to find the truth via rigorous research.

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Affordable Alpha

Affordable Alpha

We seek to deliver high after-tax after-fee returns.

Value Prop.

We are Nationally Recognized for our Innovations in Asset Management

Ready to Invest?

Save for Retirement

A global diversified portfolio that reflects our best research.

Active Asset Allocation

$500k Minimum

Managed Accounts

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Focused Factor Exposure

We seek to deliver high conviction value and momentum factor exposures

Focused Factor Investing

No Minimum.

Exchange-Traded Funds

Focused Factors Website

Tax-Efficient Alternatives

We seek to deliver tax-efficient and transparent alternative solutions

Tax-Efficient Solutions

$1mm minimum

Managed Accounts

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