The Mission: Empower Investors Through Education

We are…

  • SEC-Registered Investment Advisor

  • NFA-Registered CTA and CPO

  • Employee-Owned

  • Win-Win Focused

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Our Mission Resonates with Investors

Firm Summary

The Alpha Architect mission is to empower investors through education in order to develop sustainable investors.

We are a research-intensive asset management firm with a focus on high-conviction value and momentum factor exposures. More broadly, we seek to deliver “Affordable Alpha,” which means highly differentiated investment strategies at lower costs, thereby giving sophisticated investors a higher chance of winning, net of fees and taxes.

Our core beliefs are as follows: 1) Transparency, 2) Evidence-Based Investing, 3) Systematic Decision Making, and 4) Win-Win client relationships.

We currently offer our services via Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), and pooled vehicles. The firm is based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

Our Story
Firm Overview

Our Team

Management and Operations Team

Wes Gray, PhD


Jack Vogel, PhD


Pat Cleary


Tao Wang, CFA®

Senior Portfolio Manager

Dave Babulak

Strategic Advisor

Brandon Koepke

CTO & Portfolio Manager

Ryan Kirlin

Head of Capital Markets

Kyle Baxter

Director, Portfolio Services

Larry Dunn, PhD

Director, Portfolio Services

Doug Pugliese

Head of 1042 ESOP Solutions

ETF Independent Trustees

Mike Pagano, PhD, CFA®

ETF Trustee

Daniel Dorn, PhD

ETF Trustee

Emeka Oguh

ETF Trustee

Educational Content Regular Contributors

Elisabetta Basilico, PhD, CFA®

Aaron Brask, PhD

Andrew Miller, CFA®,CFP®

Larry Swedroe

Tommi Johnsen, PhD

Thought Leadership

Turning Academic Insights Into Investment Performance

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