Key Research

Does Emerging Markets Investing Make Sense?

The analysis above suggests that portfolios that include or exclude emerging allocations are roughly the same. For some readers, this may be a surprise, but for many readers, this may not be "news." That said, even if the data don't strictly justify an Emerging allocation, the first principle of "stay diversified" might be enough to make an allocation.

Of course, the assumptions always matter.

How to Start an ETF? Resources and FAQ

We get the following question at least 1x a day: "How do I start an ETF? Because we have so many requests for information on the topic of "How to Start an ETF?", Wes asked that I compile a list of materials on the topic and a "FAQ" to address all of your burning questions.

What’s the Story Behind EBIT/TEV?

A common question we receive at Alpha Architect is the following: "Why do you focus on EBIT/TEV as a value screen for stocks instead of [...]

The Global Value Momentum Trend Philosophy

Our Global Value Momentum Trend Index ("GVMT" or "GVMT Index") is a globally diversified equity strategy that leverages trend-following to manage tail-risks. The strategy can [...]

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