Overnight Returns Research

What Drives Momentum and Reversal?

How information affects asset prices is of fundamental importance. Public information flows through news, while private information flows through trading. We study how stock prices respond to these two information flows in the context of two major asset pricing anomalies— short-term reversal and momentum. Firms release news primarily during non-trading hours, which is reflected in overnight returns. While investors trade primarily intraday, which is reflected in intraday returns. Using a novel dataset that spans almost a century, we find that portfolios formed on past intraday returns display strong reversal and momentum. In contrast, portfolios formed on past overnight returns display no reversal or momentum. These results are consistent with underreaction theories of momentum, where investors underreact to the information conveyed by the trades of other investors.

Market Return Around the Clock

Market Return Around the Clock: A Puzzle Oleg Bondarenko and Dmitriy MuravyevWorking PaperA version of this paper can be found hereWant to read our summaries of [...]

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