Life Insurance Instruments May Help Improve After-Tax Wealth

By |May 25th, 2022|Research Insights, Guest Posts, Tax Efficient Investing|

Fee-only fiduciary advisors often summarily dismiss the use of life insurance solutions as financial planning tools—perhaps due to past experiences trying to get clients out of poorly structured, high expense policies. In this post, Colva Actuarial Services and Colva Capital principal Rajiv Rebello explains how fiduciary advisors can properly structure life insurance products and utilize low-expense/no-commission products to provide better after-tax diversification and returns for the fixed income portion of their clients’ portfolios as opposed to investing in bonds directly.

ETF Tax Efficiency isn’t Always Efficient

By |February 25th, 2022|Research Insights, Guest Posts, Tax Efficient Investing, ETF Investing|

Compared to mutual funds or separately managed accounts, ANY benefit from redeeming in-kind is a bonus. That being said, not all ETFs and situations are created equal when it comes to tax efficiency, and the "golden rule" always applies - when given the option, the IRS wants to create scenarios where they receive tax dollars now instead of later. Here are some big-ticket items that cause inefficiencies (read as taxes…), many related to the “golden rule” above.

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