Client Notice 2018-02-22T10:09:04+00:00

Dear Client:

We are migrating our reporting portal to Interactive Brokers on February 22nd, 2018. After February 22nd, you will need to login to your account at

Why are we making this change?

If you recall, we created a separate portal in 2015 simply because IB’s portal was difficult for most clients to understand. Today, IB’s reporting portal is significantly better.

What does this mean for you? Nothing besides a little more convenience.

On a go-forward basis, we would recommend the following:

  1. Login at (just to confirm you know your credentials)
  2. If you don’t remember your password, you can call 1-877-442-2757 to reset it. If you don’t
    remember your username, we can facilitate (215-882-9983).
  3. Bonus: the “IB Key” app replaces security cards with your phone and a fingerprint! Try it!

We have written a general reference guide that gives more details. I highly recommend you review this document, especially if you consider yourself a “power user”. If you have multiple accounts, IB may be able to link them under the same household. Please review the reference guide for more details.

As always, please contact us at any time with questions, concerns, or issues. Thank you for the privilege of serving you and your family.

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