• Index Documentation- Process explanation, attribution, and plenty more

  • Index Forensics – Characteristic and performance breakdowns

  • Trend Signals – Trend following signals across various asset markets

  • Characteristics Screens – Sort strategies based on factors

  • Visual Active Share – Identify what you own, visually

  • Active Share/Fee – Avoid closet indexes and identify fees for differentiation

  • Multiple Factors – Screen funds on multiple factor dimensions

  • Universe Comparison – Compare etf factors across a large universe

  • Box Spread – Review box spread yields relative to treasury bill yields

  • Tenor Comparison – Review yield spreads across the term structure

  • Value Factor Spreads Over Time – Review the value of value portfolios

  • Multiple Value Metrics – Review a handful of relevant value metrics, not just one

  • Universe Relative Value – Review the relative valuations of US and international stocks

  • Review Current Trend Rules – Assess which asset classes are trending

  • Historical Trend Rules – Review trend following rules over time.

  • Trend Following Models – Monthly updates on trend following models built by AA.

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