Doug Pugliese, our 1042 ESOP QRP Expert, is on Deck!

/Doug Pugliese, our 1042 ESOP QRP Expert, is on Deck!

Doug Pugliese, our 1042 ESOP QRP Expert, is on Deck!

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We wanted to formally welcome the newest addition to the Alpha Architect team, Doug Pugliese, who joins us as Director of Portfolio Services and heads up the firm’s 1042 ESOP QRP solutions practice. (1)


Doug Pugliese

I’m Doug’s personal fan because he was willing to do push-ups with us for the Alpha Architect Veteran’s Awareness video we put together this summer. Plus, Doug tells bad jokes, grills a good steak, and even lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean. He also served as a pilot in the US Navy for over 6 years. Here’s a picture of him from the good old days:


Tom Cruise, watch out!

Doug brings over 20 years of experience working as a top-tier professional in the financial industry:

  • Director, Wealth Transition Strategies, at SEI Private Wealth Management, a multifamily office, where he focused on advising business owners.
  • Marshall & Stevens, Inc., a financial consultancy, where he was an Executive Managing Director and Principal, managing activities in the Northeast region, including the firm’s New York and Philadelphia offices.
  • Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. During his twelve years’ tenure there he developed and executed strategic merger & acquisition and financing transactions worth more than $12 billion and was based in the Firm’s New York and London offices.
  • Officer and pilot in the United States Navy, where he was also an admiral’s aide and translator.

Doug also happens to be pretty smart with dual degrees in Economics and Spanish Literature (with honors) from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University, where he was a Dean’s Scholar and a Stern Scholar. As if that weren’t enough, Doug speaks a handful of languages—several of them fluently—which he picked up during the 10 years that he lived and worked in Europe and South America.  Not too shabby.

Doug is passionate about our mission to empower investors through education and loves thinking about financial markets. He is also skilled in advising business owners on the strategic use of ESOPs and how to best invest the sale proceeds in our affordable and transparent 1042 qualified replacement property solutions.

Welcome to the team, Doug!

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1. If you have no clue what 1042, ESOP, qualified replacement property, or QRP means, here is an explanation.

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