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Smarter in 10 Minutes with Matt Topley

By |December 3rd, 2021|Smarter in 10 Minutes, Guest Posts|

Time to get smarter in less than 10 minutes.

Welcome to our weekly series, "Smarter in 10 Minutes." This weekly series is aligned with our mission to empower investors through education and is curated by Matt Topley, a 25yr+ vet in the business who currently runs Lansing Street Advisors.

Matt wakes up "Jocko style" every morning and shoots out a daily newsletter (I'm a loyal reader!). The weekly "Smarter in 10 Minutes" is a lower frequency version of his daily newsletter.

A Review of Ben Graham’s Famous Value Investing Strategy: “Net-Nets”

By |January 26th, 2021|Research Insights, Factor Investing, Guest Posts, Academic Research Insight, Value Investing Research|

Benjamin Graham, often considered a strong candidate for "the father of quantitative value investing", developed an investment strategy that involved purchasing securities for less than their “current-asset value”, “a rough index of the liquidating value”. [...]

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