DIY Asset Allocation Weights: February 2016

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Do-It-Yourself tactical asset allocation weights are posted. Create a free account here if you want to access the site directly. Sign in here if you already have a free account.   Exposure Highlights: No exposure to domestic equities or international [...]

DIY Financial Advisor for $9.99 – Limited Supply Offer (50 books)

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Hi Friends/Readers, Good news: We've got some excess inventory of DIY Financial Advisor! We're selling 50 copies at the special price $9.99 + shipping. First come, first serve. Limit 3 copy per person. Click here to buy the [...]

Daily Academic Alpha: Solving the Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle

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Kewei Hou and Roger Loh have a fun paper on the idiosyncratic volatility puzzle, which is set to be published in the Journal of Financial Economics. The idiosyncratic volatility puzzle is associated with the empirical [...]

Robo-Advisor Webinar Tomorrow: Oct. 28 at 12pm EST

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I'll be discussing robo-advisors tomorrow via an Interactive Brokers webinar. Details below: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 12:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York) Event Number: 718 610 108 Event Entrance for Attendees: https://interactivebrokers.webex.com/interactivebrokers/onstage/g.php?MTID=e42f3112554c5252697cdfe5d84c3a880 Teleconference: Call-in [...]

Surprise…Trading More is Profitable for Active Funds!

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Warren Buffett make it clear why frequent trading damages one's wealth: "Wall Street makes its money on activity. You make your money on inactivity." (source) But is activity always a bad thing? Implicit in Buffett's [...]

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