Most CFOs think the US market is overvalued

According to the latest Global Business Outlook survey jointly conducted by Duke University and CFO magazine, 55% of U.S. companies say they think the stock market is overvalued, [...]

Remembering Finance Professor Kent Womack

I was saddened to learn that Kent Womack, an influential Finance Professor at the University of Toronto, passed away unexpectedly last month. Kent's research on [...]

Market Efficiency Hates Bad Weather

Do Weather-Induced Moods Affect the Processing of Earnings News? Building on research in psychology, we predict that unpleasant weather negatively affects capital market participants’ moods [...]

Market timing with Value and Momentum

Yesterday we wrote a post showing a potential way to time the market using valuation-based signals. In the past we have also examined how to use [...]

Trend Following the Greek Equity Markets

Long-Term trend-following saved the day in the Greek Equity markets...   FTSE/Athens Stock Exchange Large Cap Index, which consists of 25 of the largest and most [...]

High Dividend Stocks and Value Investing

Barron's recently ran an article (written by Research Affiliates), which is titled "Get Smart About Picking Dividend-Rich Stocks." The article highlights that high-quality high-dividend-paying stocks outperform [...]

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