Robust Asset Allocation Index

The Index seeks capital appreciation with downside protection.

  • Simple Asset Allocation  – The index focuses on robustness over complexity

  • Evidence-Based Stock Selection – The Index seeks value and momentum characteristics

  • Downside Protection – The Index seeks to minimize the chance of large losses

  • Fee Breakdown – Our fees are transparent (see table below)

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Our Process

Our downside protection models may not work in all situations and could fail to achieve their objectives.

Robust Asset Allocation Managed Account Fee Breakdown

Our managed account programs seek to track our Robust Asset Allocation Indexes

*The Advisory Fee is negotiable for accounts above $2mm.

**Underlying ETF fees are approximate. Advisor reserves the right to change/allocate portfolios to varying ETFs depending upon market conditions and client objectives. Advisor reserves the right to allocate portfolios to ETF funds that are managed by affiliated partners of Alpha Architect, LLC.

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Index Analysis


Downside Protection

Trend-following seeks to minimize large losses, but cannot eliminate volatility.

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Active Equity

Value and Momentum

Seek to capture global value and momentum premiums

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Low All-In Costs

We seek to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost possible.

Fee Breakdown


Index-based Methodology

Our process is fully transparent.No black boxes here.

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Implementation Options

Managed Accounts

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions on implementing our strategies.

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