This is an opportunity to get an all-expense paid trip (plus a stipend) to visit Australia! I’m sure one of our readers is qualified to deliver an excellent discussion for my friends in Melbourne.

If you’re interested in speaking with other world-class professionals at the Algo Trading Conference, please get in touch with the conference coordinators. The conference is on December 2, 2023.

The conference aims to help up-and-coming traders better understand the markets, develop good trading ideas, and build automated systems. This event was designed for beginner to intermediate-level traders and will spam a full day.

Professionals such as Tim Rea, Christina Qi, and Scott Welsh are currently on the agenda, and the organizers are seeking one more speaker to complete the agenda.

The event will take place in Melbourne, Australia – see details here.

If you have something to add as a speaker, ask for “Eddie” and give them your pitch. Again, speakers will receive an all-expense paid trip to Australia plus a negotiated speaker fee.