FinTwit Fitness Challenge: #fintwitfitness #getafterit

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Event Details

Max Bench PressUnsupported, raw lift. Must touch chest before returning to start position.
Max Dead LiftUnsupported, raw lift. Must lockout lift for it to count.
Broad JumpFrom standstill; off of two feet. Mark is the closest element of the body to the beginning line.
Pull-Ups (Dead-Hang)Chin above bar; palms face outward; no kipping; must count “one-one-thousand” at bottom of pull-up before starting another rep
1 Mile TimeRun a mile
500 Meter Erg TimeErg 500 meters
ScoreSum(6 core events): Scaled to benchmark (mile/erg are inverted). e.g. 315lb would score 315/250 = 1.26pts
28 Mile Ruck MarchTBD at March for the Fallen; 35lb min pack; excluded from Score (for now)