In this week’s episode, we cover four articles published on our site. The first article, written by Ryan, examines the growth in assets of ETFs and Mutual Funds. The second article, summarized by Elisabetta, examines the performance of funds by differentiating the fund’s manager on his/her family wealth. The third article, written by Maneesh Shanbhag, examines the benefits of Tax-Loss Harvesting (TLH). The last article, written by Larry Swedroe, takes a deep dive into two explanations for the Value premium–(1) Risk and (2) Behavior.

Article Links:

  1. Are ETFs Really Crushing Mutual Funds?
  2. Fund Management: The Poor Beat the Rich
  3. Buyer Beware: The Reality of Tax-Loss Harvesting Benefits
  4. Deep Dive Into the Value Factor