Our friend Jonathan Regenstein, over at http://www.reproduciblefinance.com/, convinced me that using R would be a great way to build web applications that would help us fulfill our mission to empower investors through education. We are very thankful that Jonathan shared his knowledge with us because we have been burning a lot of midnight oil building various applications.

Most of our applications are related to finance and investing, which have a higher degree of compliance and thus restricted access. However, in collaboration with Jonathan, we built a pretty nifty tool that allows users to visualize all the unemployment claims data across the nation and by state. The application is open access and doesn’t require a login.

Here’s the link: https://tools.alphaarchitect.com/unemployment/

The tool is a work in progress and if you have suggestions, please us know — we can add additional visualizations.

Here are the current capabilities:

  • Visualize worst/best week by nation/state
  • Visualize monthly claims by nation/state
  • Visualize Covid Crisis vs. 2008 Financial Crisis by nation/state

Here is a screenshot of the application.


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