We are going to help make March for the Fallen a virtual event this year (September 26, 2020 at 8am).

COVID is bad news, but we can turn lemons into lemonade…and we can still show gratitude for Gold Star Families by breaking into smaller groups and marching outdoors!

We’ve already have 20 local MFTF groups set up around the country (see below in the google sheet and at the end of this post) (1).

Action item #1: Fill out the sheet (Optional, but if we collect your information we can better coordinate with the various MFTF team leaders.)

Action item #2: Find your team leader (see below. hit them on twitter, email, whatever works best for you)

We encourage people to leverage twitter and hashtags to coordinate local events. So tag #MFTF and #MFTFregion (e.g., #MFTFphilly) and your team leader will be in touch (or dm they/ping them directly, see below).

Ryan Kirlin is the point man for coordination issues on our end so feel free to email him direct Ryan@ or ping him on twitter @ryanpkirlin

The table below (and also available via the mftf homepage) will be updated with route information as we receive it.