Tony Greer, the founder of TG Macro, is joined by Wes Gray, CEO of Alpha Architect, a research-intensive asset management firm with a focus on high-conviction value and momentum factor exposures. They break down the asset management business and his approach to evidence-based investing and systemic decision making. Gray served as an active-duty marine in Iraq and opens up about how his military background influences his investment strategies. Alpha Architect has opened up its platform to build ETFs and uses its infrastructure capacity, scope, and scale to help others launch ETFs into the market. Gray characterizes their firm as the “Shopify of ETFs.”

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Here is an overview of the conversation:

  1. 00:00:46 Professional Background
  2. 00:04:48 Alpha Architect Mission
  3. 00:10:23 Systematic Decision Making
  4. 00:15:58 Is Value Investing Dead?
  5. 00:20:10 Evidence-Based Investing
  6. 00:24:22 High-Conviction Value and Momentum Factor Exposures
  7. 00:30:10 Breaking Down the Asset Management Business
  8. 00:32:27 How Military Background Influences Investing Strategy
  9. 00:38:24 Allocating More Capital
  10. 00:41:19 Becoming the Shopify of ETFs
  11. 00:43:27 Assessing Economic Forecasting
  12. 00:48:34 Future of Quantitative Trading
  13. 00:54:15 Impact of GameStop on Market Landscape
  14. 00:59:18 Investor Psychology