Here is a link to our recent chat on The Meb Faber Show regarding the details on how to launch an ETF:

This topic is up your alley, feel free to go back and listen to Episode 258, which was a deep dive on launching an ETF with our guest. In today’s episode, we start with a high-level view of this space and why as one of our guests says we’re in the hockey-stick phase of growth. We review how to launch a fund, the cost of doing so, what types of ideas work great or not so great within the ETF structure? Then we discussed the recent mutual fund to ETF conversion flood, active funds, index funds, and of course, we couldn’t finish the episode without getting some predictions on when the first Bitcoin ETF will launch. Please enjoy today’s episode with Alpha Architect’s Wes Gray and Patrick Cleary.

Several articles on the topic of How to start an ETF via ETF white label services are available via our FAQ.

You can listen to the podcast via the link below: