Alpha Architect to Launch Long/Short Cryptocurrency ETF

///Alpha Architect to Launch Long/Short Cryptocurrency ETF

Alpha Architect to Launch Long/Short Cryptocurrency ETF

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Alpha Architect announced today they’d be releasing a cryptocurrency ETF.

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When asked for details around the methodology, Dr. Wes Gray, CEO of Alpha Architect, said:

We saw a lot of talk about it on twitter. Our methodology is pretty straightforward. Jack and I will do a little research each morning to assess the direction of bitcoin, but we’re mainly going to rely on our gut feel for which cryptocurrencies to own and which to go short. Our backtest over the last three months is very compelling.

The Alpha Architect backtest had not been tested out of sample yet, but Wes felt what the evidence and economic foundations were robust enough to move forward.

Patrick Cleary, the Chief Compliance Officer, has already approved the backtest and confirmed that the backtest performance will reflect future performance. His video testimony is available here:

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Dr. Jack Vogel, CIO of Alpha Architect nodded in approval and added:

Yeah, you gotta be in it to win it.

When asked for the inspiration of the fund, Wes mentioned he saw the show Billions on Showtime and really liked how the traders on that show, “just wanted to compound their faces off.” In a follow-on interview, Dr. Gray was surprised to hear the show was not a documentary but said that didn’t change how he feels about it.

No word on the launch timing yet, but Wes Gray said they’re targeting the ticker FOOLS.

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