***Important update***

Due to COVID complications, MFTF 2021 will be decentralized and conducted via local team leaders.

Please see the MFTF Virtual page to identify your team leader (or let us know if you are hosting a group in your local area).

Action Item: Please register and let us know your trip details so we can support you as much as possible.

Here are the links to prior updates if you’d like to review:

My personal travel plan this year (hope to see many of you at both events!):

Who Should Attend?

#MFTF welcomes all levels of fitness and motivation. We have had #MFTF attendees go 5 miles at a slow leisurely walking pace; and we’ve had #MFTFers go 28 miles with 75lb packs — running the entire time!

Everyone has a personal summit and nobody will judge your effort. And the best news is that #MFTF is not about YOU. #MFTF is about THEM…the Gold Star family members who deserve to know that their fellow citizens recognize their loss and will always be grateful.

What to Bring?

This can get tricky depending on whether or not you are doing the pack version of the event.

I recommend that you review the following post on gear, but you should also reach out to your local team leader for more information.

Minimalist gear list:

  • Event gear (shorts, t-shirt, shoes, socks, pack, etc.)
    • trail running shoes preferred but solid athletic shoes work too
    • Merino/robust socks preferred but standard athletic socks work
    • Avoid cotton, but won’t kill you if that is all you have on hand.
    • Non-ruck participants don’t need a pack. A refillable water bottle is fine or bring a small pack to carry random things.
  • Warming layer (can get a bit chilly in the evening)
  • Government-issued ID and a cell phone
  • Great attitude
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