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Video Summary

Last week’s video (slightly delayed) involves interviews of three guests of Alpha Architect. The first guest is Adam Butler of Resolve Asset Management. We discuss Resolve’s portfolios and I ask Adam a tough question–if you can only pick one asset class and one rule to use for investments, what would it be? Our second guest (14-minute mark) is Andrew Miller. We discuss a topic relevant for most financial advisors, withdrawal rates. We discuss Andrew’s published and working papers on the topic (links below). Next (28-minute mark), Ryan asks me questions on a summary of my blog post, “Value, Momentum, and Risk.” Ryan then interviews our third guest, Elisabetta Basilico, to discuss her blog post on gender bias in asset management (40-minute mark). Last, at the 48-minute mark, Ryan interviews our CCO/COO Patrick Cleary and our CTO/Portfolio Manager Brandon Koepke on another relevant topic for financial advisors–cybersecurity.

Video Links/Notes

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