We were honored when Lauren Davis asked if we would host the Women in ETFs event at AA Global Headquarters (i.e. my house). The event was jam packed and we had 60+ people in attendance. One of the other perks of facilitating the event at AA Global HQ is that Lauren and Co. were hosting a “fireside chat” and we happen to have an epic fireplace. Perfect!

Attendees had the opportunity to learn from female thought leaders in our industry. I learned a lot and met a bunch of new people.

Finally, in the spirit of facilitating our firm mission — empowering investors through education — Kyle recorded the entire panel session and put the following footage together for all to enjoy:

The panel:

  1. Lauren Davis, Vice President, Media Relations, PNC (and Co-President of Women in ETFs Philadelphia) (moderator)
  2. Amanda E. Agati, CFA, Managing Director and Co-Chief Investment Strategist, PNC (panelist)
  3. Ashlee Thomson, Senior Vice President, Pacer ETFs (panelist)
  4. Kathleen C. Bock, Principal and Head of Americas business, Vanguard (panelist)
  5. Perth Tolle, Founder, Life + Liberty Indexes (panelist)

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