The History of ETFs: Perspectives from ETF Legends, Reggie Browne and Arlene Rockefeller

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ETFs have grown fast, yet there are still some opponents of the structure. However, the general story by ETF opponents has changed over the past 5 to 7 years. Opponents of ETF growth have gone [...]

Want to Learn More About Factor Investing? Read This.

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Replicating Anomalies is arguably a "must read" for anyone who thinks about factor investing and is looking to improve their understanding of the space. Lu Zhang, and his colleagues, Kewei Hou and Chen Xue, spent [...]

Tactical Asset Allocation Insights via the Geeks from Thinknewfound

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How do we identify who is a flash in the pan blogger versus the next Michael Kitces, Josh Brown, or Ben Carlson? We've tried to do our part and help to promote and share research from up and coming "undiscovered" bloggers/writers out there. In our early days, we were helped by long-time bloggers such as Meb Faber and Tadas Viskanta, so we try and return the favor. Recent examples of up and coming guest writers we've highlighted include Dan Sotiroff (now heading to Morningstar!), Aaron Brask, Andrew Miller, Elisabetta Basilico, and Dan Grioli -- all of whom have written interesting and insightful pieces!

An Interview with a Leading Academic Expert on ETFs

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We spend a lot of our time thinking and learning about ETFs, since they are a critical new investor weapon in the war for after-tax investment returns. And we are always trying to understand better [...]

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Insights from Army Ranger, Harvard MBA, and All-Around Business Success–Doug McCormick

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At first glance, it's not obvious why business principles would be helpful in informing a long-term wealth management strategy. Yet, the world of business provides useful concepts and a broad financial perspective, which are valuable to [...]

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Digging Deeper into Adaptive Asset Allocation

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In some ways, investing is simple. After all, we all want the same things. High returns. Low volatility. Small max drawdowns. Unfortunately, it's very difficult--if not impossible--to have your cake and eat it too. There [...]

Fascinating insights from ETF industry veteran Eric Balchunas

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In the world of ETFs, while there are many people who claim a deep understanding of ETFs, there are few who actually possess it. Eric Balchunas is an exception. Source: Eric has a [...]

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The Secrets of Social Influence: An Interview With Digg and Wharton Professor Jonah Berger

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A critical element of being a good investor is understanding human behavior. In this piece we take our focus away from quantitative finance and focus on understanding the secrets of social influence. And while this piece may not [...]

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Interview with a “Flash Boys” All-Star: Ronan Ryan from IEX

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Here's the bottomline: As an investor, you've probably been helped by high-frequency-trading, but it is equally likely you've been SCREWED by high-frequency trading. As a market participant--even a long-term investor that rarely trades--we should think [...]

Insights on ETMFs and ETFs from an ETF Service Provider

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Our firm mission is to empower investors through education. One area of the marketplace where education is lacking is in the ETF, or exchange-traded-fund arena. ETFs are a relatively new delivery mechanism through which investors can [...]

Global Economic Perspectives from a Pragmatic Capitalist

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Cullen Roche, who runs the finance and economics blog, Pragmatic Capitalism, is the ultimate "top-down" investor, and recommends that investors think globally, rather than locally when constructing and managing their investment portfolios. Cullen's sophisticated economic views [...]

ETF Market Making–Very Cool Insider Insights

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Have you ever wondered how ETF trading actually works? Most people think ETFs trade "just like stocks." These people are wrong. While there are similarities between individual stock issues and ETF issues, there are key differences in [...]