How to Crush the CFPⓇ Exam 💪: Part 2

As discussed in Part 1 of this blog series, the Certified Financial Planner (CFPⓇ) exam can be a stressful and intimidating experience. With eight areas of content to cover – both as siloed financial knowledge and also as an integrated approach to building a comprehensive financial plan – it's important to be organized and intentional in your study efforts.

How to Crush the CFPⓇ Exam 💪: Part 1

Let’s talk about the right approach(es) and the proper study techniques you need to pass the CFPⓇ exam with confidence and get the certification you need to advance your career in finance and investing.

Female execs bring more accuracy to analysts’ earnings forecasts

The results of this research extend the literature in a number of areas including: the analyst forecast literature; the literature on behavioral accounting and finance with respect to corporate decision-making all in the context of gender; and the dominant role of the CEO on information transparency.

The Gender Gap Among Top Business Executives

The article aims to provide insights into the gender gaps in executive employment and compensation, explore the role of corporate culture and temporal flexibility in these gaps, and understand the factors influencing gender differences in entry, exit, and pay among top business executives.

Benefits of Having a Female CFO

We examine gender differences in the language of CFOs who participate in quarterly earnings calls. Female executives are more concise and less optimistic, are clearer, use fewer idioms or clichés, and provide more numbers in their speech. These differences are particularly strong in the more spontaneous Questions and Answers (QA) section of the calls and are reflected in stronger market and analyst reactions. Gender differences seem to be associated with CFO overconfidence.

What Percentage of Women Serve in Senior Investment Roles?

There is a “Pink” elephant in the room. The paucity of women in the key investment and decisión-making roles in finance is that “pink” elephant. While women are represented at 33%, 37%, and 63% in the law, medical, and accounting professions, respectively (Morningstar 2016), the percentage of female investment decision-makers in investment pales in comparison at less than 10%. And it gets worse if we look at sub-sectors. Take private equity, it’s 6% (Lietz, 2011), hedge funds at 3% (Soloway, 2011), or investment banking documented in this scorecard, at a global median of 0%.

Female Representation in the Academic Finance Profession

To date, there is no large-sample empirical evidence on gender balance and career outcomes in academic finance. Though we have looked into and observed where are the women in finance and women in the C-Suite. This paper specifically looks to proved insight into the statistics of female representation in the academic arena of finance.

What percentage of COO/CCO/CTOs in Finance are Women?

This is the second article in a series on women in leadership roles. To dig deeper into where women are in finance we analyzed 36,499 functional positions for the COO, CCO, and CTO roles in 29 countries, including 25 developed markets and Brazil, Russia, India, China (the “BRICs”). All public and private firms in the finance industry were included regardless of market capitalization or other characteristics.

What percentage of CFO/CAOs are Women?

In this original research, Elisabetta and I study data across 29 global markets and provide empirical data on the following question: What percentage of CFO [...]

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