Value Investing & Concentration

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As many investors have experienced, Value investing has underperformed for some time now. For the period following the Global Financial Crisis, Value investing (in general) has underperformed (1) the market and (2) Growth stocks. So [...]

Strategies to Reduce Crash Risk in Stocks

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Because equities are much riskier than high-quality bonds, the vast majority of the risk of a conventional 60 percent equity/40 percent bond portfolio is equity risk. Here’s the simple math demonstrating the point. Well-diversified equity [...]

Pathetic Protection via Protective Puts

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Pathetic Protection: the Elusive Benefits of Protective Puts Roni IsraelovJournal of Alternative Investments, Winter 2019A version of this paper can be found hereWant to read our summaries of academic finance papers? Check out our Academic Research Insight category What are the [...]

Enhancing the Performance of Momentum Strategies

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In “Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing,” Andy Berkin and I presented the evidence demonstrating that momentum, both cross-sectional (or relative) momentum and time-series (or absolute, trend following) momentum, not only increases the explanatory power [...]

Momentum, Quality, and R Code

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Welcome to the first installment of Reproducible Finance by way of Alpha Architect.  For the uninitiated, this series is a bit different than the other stuff on AA - we'll focus on writing clean, reproducible [...]

Market Sell-off Analysis: Baseline Historical Facts

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We often hear that the market is 5% off its highs or that it is down 5% from the high of the year. This alone does not tell us much. The questions I want to [...]

Compound Your Knowledge Ep. 17: Stock Buyback Myths

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We hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend! In this week's post, we discuss one paper, titled "Buyback Derangement Syndrome." The paper was summarized on our site by Tommi, and the paper was [...]

Fact, Fiction, and the Size Effect

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Fact, Fiction and the Size Effect Ron Alquist, Ronen Israel, And Tobias MoskowitzJournal of Portfolio Management, 2018A version of this paper can be found hereWant to read our summaries of academic finance papers? Check out our Academic [...]

DIY Asset Allocation Weights: July 2019

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Do-It-Yourself tactical asset allocation weights for the Robust Asset Allocation Index are posted here. (Note: free registration required) Request a free account here if you want to access the site directly. Exposure Highlights (bold implies [...]

Debunking myths about stock buybacks

By |2019-06-28T09:10:06-04:00July 1st, 2019|Research Insights, Basilico and Johnsen, Academic Research Insight|

Buyback Derangement Syndrome Clifford Asness, Todd Hazelkorn, And Scott Richardson Journal of Portfolio ManagementA version of this paper can be found hereWant to read our summaries of academic finance papers? Check out our Academic Research Insight [...]

Compound Your Knowledge Ep. 16: Trend-Following, Large-Cap Value, Active Mgmt

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In this week's post, we discuss three papers. The first post, written by Wes, covers a deep-dive into trend-following on equities. The second post, written by Andrew Miller, examines Large-Cap Value portfolios. The last post, [...]

Is Active Management Skilled? If So, Who Benefits?

By |2019-06-27T10:47:59-04:00June 28th, 2019|Research Insights, Larry Swedroe, Active and Passive Investing|

According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate or cup with miraculous powers that were used by Jesus at the Last Supper. Legend has it that the Grail was sent to Great [...]

Large-Cap Price-to-Book Investing: What is Dead May Never Die

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In the great book and series Game of Thrones, the inhabitants of the Iron Islands have a saying "What is Dead May Never Die" which is to be replied with "But rises again harder and [...]

The Curse of Popularity

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We can define popularity as the condition of being admired, sought after, well-known, and/or accepted. One would think popularity is a good thing. However, when it comes to investing, the research shows that along with [...]

Factor Investing Research On Steroids

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Factor Premia and Factor Timing: A Century of Evidence Antti Ilmanen, Ronen Israel, Toby Moskowitz, Ashwin Thapar, and Franklin WangWorking paperA version of this paper can be found here What are the research questions? Do the [...]

Meb Faber Podcast: Trust The Process (Jack Vogel)

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Here is a link to our podcast on "The Meb Faber Podcast": This year, we’re bringing you the entire volume of The Best Investment Writing Volume 3 in podcast format. You’ll hear from some of [...]