Corporate Governance

Managerial Multitasking in the Mutual Fund Industry

By |July 10th, 2023|Research Insights, Basilico and Johnsen, Academic Research Insight, Corporate Governance|

The article aims to explore the relationship between multitasking and performance for mutual fund managers, investigate the potential mechanisms and factors influencing this relationship, and provide insights for fund companies and investors regarding the implications of multitasking on fund performance.

What Percentage of Women Serve in Senior Investment Roles?

By |March 22nd, 2022|ESG, Women in Finance Know Stuff, Research Insights, Basilico and Johnsen, Academic Research Insight, Other Insights, Corporate Governance|

There is a “Pink” elephant in the room. The paucity of women in the key investment and decisión-making roles in finance is that “pink” elephant. While women are represented at 33%, 37%, and 63% in the law, medical, and accounting professions, respectively (Morningstar 2016), the percentage of female investment decision-makers in investment pales in comparison at less than 10%. And it gets worse if we look at sub-sectors. Take private equity, it’s 6% (Lietz, 2011), hedge funds at 3% (Soloway, 2011), or investment banking documented in this scorecard, at a global median of 0%.

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